Literature review the use of mobile phones among students vs academics performance

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Schools that ban mobile phones see better academic results

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Literature Review Aoki and Downes ()[3] focused on the behavioral and psychological aspects of cell phone usage among college students. They tried to find the reasons behind why a technology is adopted in a particular way.

They identified and attitudes toward the use of mobile phones for both voice calls and.

Smartphones’ Effects on Academic Performance of Higher Learning Students. performance. Majority of students use smartphones for leisure purposes and only few uses for educational large growth in the use of mobile phones especially among the youth.

This trend is followed by the fast. THE EFFECT OF MOBILE PHONES ON STUDENTS' ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. This study therefore, attempts to find out the impact of mobile phones use among students in both private and public schools on their academic performance.

Technology use and academic performance

From the last two decades it has been noticed significantly that there is great addition in research.

Also, this study discovered that the use of mobile phone is uncontrollable among students which are the leading cause of poor academic performance among students.

Discover the world's research “High levels of smartphone use by teens often have a detrimental effect on achievement, because teen phone use is dominated by entertainment, not learning, applications,” he said. A Review on the Impact of Smartphones on Academic Performance of Students in Higher Intensive literature review According to [8], students who use their mobile phones during class lectures tend to write down less information, recall less information, and perform worse.

Literature review the use of mobile phones among students vs academics performance
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